Here we go…

I’m finally going to do it.  For years now, I’ve wanted to write a blog.  I’ve tried several times but I always seem to have more on my plate than I have time to give…so the blog always fell off the plate.  Plus I’m a horrible writer and my grammar is atrocious, which doesn’t help my motivation any.

2012 is off to a great start!  My most recent project was a cloud computing company called StrikeIron.   I was the CTO and ran the technology side of the house…product design, development, QA, support, IT, data centers, cloud platform, internal systems, etc.  My time at StrikeIron was a blast and like every startup I’ve been involved with, I learned a ton.  I still help StrikeIron when needed, but now my primary focus is on several new and exciting projects.  I’ll tell you more about those projects in future blogs.

So, thank you for dropping by and I hope I can keep the blog on my plate this time 🙂